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About Commercial Fishers

Commercial fishers are larger-scale fishing operations that are managed as a business, with larger fleets linked to global markets.

In Mindoro, commercial fishing operations, defined mainly by the size of their vessels, are barred from municipal waters in order to protect local municipal fisheries. However, as tuna are migratory fish that move between waters, in practice both commercial and municipal fishers are exploiting the same fish stock. Other Philippines tuna fisheries have in the past collapsed after over-exploitation by commercial fishers.

Intrusion of commercial fishing operations, as well as stock overfishing, can have devastating effects on small-scale fisheries. The interventions modeled here, such as providing education, technology, or organization skills to municipal fishers, are powerless against stock destruction by encroaching commercial fishing.

The model baseline assumes that commercial fishing is regulated and will not grow further, thus leaving a fixed part of the fish stock to be exploited by municipal fishers. Explore the model to see how even a modest growth rate in the commercial fishing fleet leads to stock collapse and loss of fishing income.

Change the rate of growth of commercial fishers to see the effect on fish and fishers