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About Exporters

The last stop for Mindoro tuna fish before reaching consumer's hands is the exporter. Exporters buy fish from suppliers from multiple fisheries in multiple regions. They try to keep the flow of product as steady as possible, so as to be able to satisfy consumer's daily demands. Given that high-grade tuna fish is sold to consumers fresh, exporters have little capacity to handle overstock and need to develop a nimble operation to chill, pack, and ship the product as soon as it reaches their hands.

Exporters handling Mindoro tuna take home the largest profit rates in the supply chain. Over the years, they have exploited their monopoly on commercial routes for the product in order to establish themselves in such a dominant position.

Visit the about middlemen page to see comparative charts of the different cost and benefit structures of fishers, middlemen and exporters

We have examined how fishers and middlemen could employ price negotiation strategies to try to recapture some of the rent back from exporters, but given the market forces at play, is not an objective that is easily achieved (see fair pricing.)