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Short and medium term outcomes for an overfished fishery

According to the data sources we used1, the Mindoro yellowfin tuna fishery is not currently overfished. However, if we make slightly more pessimistic assumptions, we could see a very different picture. In fact, many small scale fisheries around the world today are in such a vulnerable situation. This scenario explores the future outcomes of such a fishery.

Compare to our more optimistic2 baseline scenario where we show what would happen if the current conditions in Mindoro are sustainable.

Modeling Notes

The following are some of the assumptions reflected here:

Change the length of the simulation to see what the Mindoro tuna fishery might look like at different times in the future

2025 - Fishers not making ends meet

2055 - With nowhere to go, a few dreary decades for the fishers, before they even make ends meet again

2025 - Stocks slightly down

2055 - And when they finally do, more fishers come back and stock takes another dive

2025 - Most fishers have nowhere to go

2055 - Most fishers have nowhere to go